We have certainly eaten more often in bowls in 2020 than ever before! And we are happy to give you some good reasons why bowls make food taste better than plates!

A “to go” trend

Eating in a restaurant in 2020 has been something somehow difficult to achieve due to the pandemic, the lockdowns and curfews every country sadly had to experience.

Home-made dinners, “to go” plates, and a rising concern for still getting “healthy foods” combined with an increasing will to make life easier, have pushed consummers and restaurants to consider presenting and eating their food in bowls.

Restaurants had to create delivery menus, even when they were not used to that kind of distribution, therefore, using containers that have the shape of a bowl. Flat plates have disappeared from the agenda of fine dining and even at home, the bowl, which was already popular has certainly gained in popularity!

It is worth asking ourselves: since we mostly ate from bowls in 2020, does the food taste better in a bowl? As a porcelain manufacturer, we would have to exclude disposable bowls from this question. Disposable bowls have certainly increased the “food in a bowl” trend, but it would be a bold and false statement saying food tastes better in a paper bowl than in any other plate… so let’s consider only hard-materials bowls.

Here are 5 reasons why bowls make food taste better than plates.

You can “fit it all”

Poke bowl, pad thai, burrito bowl, chinese noodles, bim-bim bap, veggie bowl, brunch bowl, açai bowl, teriyaki bowls, ramen soup, pasta bowlsbuddah bowls, salads, you name it…. there are hundreds of options to eat in a bowl. A bowl is wide enough to contain a whole balanced meal with meat, veggies and starch. It is a one way, simple dish that can make everyone happy and that can provide you all the nutrients someone needs.

Credit: IG account @chris_sharedappetite

Food looking good and tasting good

Restaurants and Chefs have understood this since a long time ago. Plating in a bowl makes you avoid big plating mistakes. The deepness of the plate allows to serve less food but make it look more generous. Colors pop out and smells are concentraded. Bowls keep the food both warm and cozy. Bowls make food taste better than plates

One bowl for all

Fine dining restaurants used to have one plate for the butter, one for the bread and then one plate for each course. Restaurants latest trends has been to use less dishes on the table and have a more modern presentation. Bowls in a professionnal cuisine can be used to present appetizers, main courses and desserts. They are a simple and easy way to serve all types of foods. Professionals also try to give a “home feeling” to their restaurants. Bowls are the perfect accesorry to creat that feel!

Because you can hold it in our hands

Holding a bowl in ones hands has somehow a feeling of coziness. It is a good way to eat wherever you are… going back to the idea of ordering food “to go”. We are always on the go. Even when staying at home. Eating from a bowl, even while seating at a restaurant’s table, has somehow a feeling of belonging. A feeling of beeing home.

Endless options

Lastly, the secret to make the food look better in bowls depends of the bowl itslef of course.

REVOL offers a variety of bowls, made in france, and we are happy to introduce a few more in our 2021 assortment. Here are some options!

The every day bowl – Adélie

Introduced in 2021, the new Adelie Bowl is the perfect format to fulfill all the functions:

  • Wine enough (diam 20 cm), it makes all the ingredients of your recipe visible for a beautiful presentations
  • Its soft shape and rounded bottom make it particularly generous; the use of the spoon is all the easier
  • With a depth of 7.5 cm, it allows you to cut if necessary without being hampered by the edges while having a good capacity (1.5 L – capacity calculated at 1 cm below the edge),
  • And if you want to reheat your recipe or even cook in it, no problem, Revol porcelain is the ideal material for that
  • Finally, available in 2 finishes, it adapts to all interior styles: a soft and discreet cream white as well as a “cast iron” black which will enhance the bold colors of your ingredients.
  • This bowl is completed with 2 other new smaller formats designed for sides and sauces: diam. 11 cm for 22 cl and diam. 13 cm for 40 cl.
  • Remember that Adelie is a complete collection intended for elegant, uncluttered tables, with plates, cups, a new appetizer, all accessible and compatible in any type of restaurant.
new adélie bowl
Adélie bowls

The eco-friendly bowl – No.W

No.W is the first eco-friendly tableware collection made from 100% recycled ceramics. Produced entirely from ceramic pastes made
from our waste products and from recycled enamel, the collection has been conceived to produce minimal waste and consume less water and energy, from the early stages of manufacture to leaving the oven. No.W bowl is perfect for all veggie and healty recipes.

New shape No.W bowl

The elegance – Equinoxe

The coupe plates from Equinoxe are perfect for pasta, fish and delicate presentations. In its matte pepper-grey version, the Equinoxe range provides the ideal setting for brightly colored culinary creations. Its soft, chalky, pure look, and the black rim that delicately highlights these dishes, pay homage to the ingredients’ natural richness as well as to the care taken in their assembling.

equinoxe coupe plate
Equinoxe coupe plate

Colorful – Caractere

Great choice of warm colors named after spices. Caractère promises new culinary adventures both at the table and on buffets. The bowls have a high straitgh border. Perfect for preparations with sauces.

The “raw” version – Basalt

Basalt is an inconic collection from Revol. Made of black porcelain, this collection has a “slate” look which will make any food look amazing!

See the bowls here.

basalt bowl
Basalt bowl