Are you more a tea person than a coffee person? Do you enjoy collecting tea pots when you travel? Are you fascinated by the ritual of tea? What type of teapot makes the best tea? The perfect tea pot for tea ritual ?

One American person out of 2 drinks tea on an everyday basis. And choosing the right tea pot can be challenging. Therefore, most tea lovers have more than one tea pot: the one that they use every day, and the ones they keep for special occasion. Style is not everything, and tea pots quality varies depending on the material and the shape. Here are some steps on how to choose the best tea pot, and how PEKOE tea pot, was designed to serve a perfect tea!

Pekoe tea pot


Pekoe tea pot at Revol’s factory

What kind of materials are used for tea pots?

Depending on the country of origin, customs and rituals, tea pots can be made in different materials. What type of teapot makes the best tea? The perfect tea pot for tea ritual ? Here are the most common ones:

  • Glass: glass tea pots are usually very elegant and refined since you can see through them. The glass used for most of these tea pots is strong enough to resist the heat of hot water. However, glass tea pots are very fragile and they don’t hold the heat very well


  • Earthenware: these tea pots are traditionally used in China since they are ideal for Chinese black tea and oolong teas. The known ones are the Yixing clay teapots made from the clay from Yixing in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu. These tea pots have the particularity of being very dense and they also absorb a tiny amount of tea into the pot during brewing. Therefore, they have a “memory” of the aromas by retaining flavor and color. This is why you should rinse them with clear water. Therefore, it is recommended to us only one type of tea per tea pot. By doing so, you will not corrupt the flavor. However, if your teapot is made of earthenware (not Yixing clay), we still recommend to keep one tea pot per type of tea.

Yixing clay teapot


Yixing clay teapot

  • Porcelain: this is the most prized material for tea pots. As porcelain is non porous, holds the temperature very well and is easy to clean. Therefore, porcelain is recommended for white and green teas. It can also be used for any type of tea.

  • Revol’s black clay is a porcelain clay, tainted in black. The new PEKOE tea pot from Revol is a item. In fact, the material has kind of the look of cast iron or even earthenware but the quality is the same as the quality of porcelain.

Pekoe interlocking system


Pekoe interlocking system

How to choose a tea pot? What type of teapot makes the best tea?

Choosing a tea pot is not easy. It depends on the use – how many people are drinking tea? But also the time of the day – is it for morning ? Afternoon? Evening?

Tea rituals are very strong in some countries and the tea pot is the central piece of it.

Therefore, choosing the right tea pot also depends on the type of tea you are drinking.

Revol tea pot at the factory


Revol tea pot at the factory


There are different shapes that exists. The Hobnail Teapots are the typical Japanese tea pots. They are low, they have a broad body and elevated carrying handle. Typically, they have a dimpled design, broad opening and mesh strainer. Lastly, they are perfect for Asian teas such as Oolong or Chun Mee.

Compact Teapots are the ones that are space-saving and they usually come with some handles to minimize the storage space. They are modern and contemporary and they really have the advantage of saving space.

Teapots can also be upright, rounded or just traditional. It depends on the style and the quantity you are looking to make.


The choice of getting a tea pot with or without an infuser is also crucial.

A tea infuser is a perforated or mesh device which is filled with dried tea leaves. Therefore, when the tea infusers is lowered into hot water, the leaves brew and infuse and liberate their best aromas and flavors. Infusers can be built into the tea pot so that they can be removed easily.

A good infuser in a tea pot, must be the right size to allow the infused tea to expand, and must be able to hold and contain any type of tea.

How much tea?

It is important to know how much tea you need so that the tea is not too strong, and flavorful enough. The following measurements are for an 8-ounce serving. If you prefer your beverage on the stronger side, use the larger serving size.

  • White tea: 1-2 teaspoons
  • Green, oolong, or black varieties: 1-1 ½ teaspoons
  • For Mate, Rooibos, or herbals: 1 ½-2 teaspoons of loose leaves or buds

How is PEKOE the perfect tea pot for tea ritual?

Pekoe (which is the most delicate and fragrant kind of black tea, made from the first harvest from the plant, and especially from the young shoots) is the NEW Revol TEA LINE. And this is why, after reading all what makes the best tea pot, we believe the PEKOE tea pot is one of the best:

Pekoe Tea service


Pekoe Tea service

  • Young French designer Lucas Frank, studied the technical properties of the porcelain and how to make the best tea pot with this material. His inspirations com from Japan and how they master the art of serving and tasting tea

  • The grooves allow a heat transfer – your tea pot stays warm inside but the outside does not burn. Same foe the cups.

  • The cups and bowls interlock with each other

  • By partnering with Revol, the designer was able to create a collection with the high technical quality of the material use : the black clay. He was also able to benefit from the performance of the industrial tools of the factory as well as the precise manual skill

Pekoe collection


Pekoe collection

Hand made process at Revol's Factory


Hand made process at Revol’s Factory

Made in France tea pot


Made in France tea pot