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The new Bombance line is an invitation to the pleasure of eating and of sharing a meal around a convivial object that brings people together: the cocotte. And who better than Inga Sempé with her love of classic brasserie cooking to rework this iconic object! Giving carte blanche to this famous designer, Revol reaffirms its attachment to its culinary culture by making the cocotte a centerpiece on the dining table.

Le plat Bombance
Portrait d'Inga Sempé

A famous French designer living in Paris, trained by Marc Newson and Andrée Putman, Inga Sempé expresses – via collaborations with great Italian, Scandinavian and French design houses – her taste for making everyday objects in simple designs. With Revol she found a fertile source of inspiration – its porcelain combined with its innovative manfacture allow for a highly technical design that belies its apparent simplicity.

“I wanted something friendly, not one that teaches lessons, with which you’re allowed to fail at a lot of things.”

The originality of the design comes from the beading that runs around the body, giving the BOMBANCE casserole its reassuring roundness. This flange opens out from the body to create one-piece handles, a simple idea at first glance, but one that is technically complex. These handles are hollowed out for a reassuring grip, which is essential when gripping a hot casserole. When it’s cold, you can slip your finger in; when it’s hot, you can be sure of an easy grip with a potholder: feel the hollow of the handle as a reference point.

Table dressée, au centre la cocotte Bombance et en arrière-plan une lampe designée par Inga Sempé
Table dressée et la cocotte Bombance au centre

The central handle is integrated into a cavity called a “pool” by the designer. As a result, it does not spill out of the domed lid, protected in its hollow from mechanical shocks. The lid can be turned over on the table without weakening it. The handle is long enough to grip and feel it, even with a potholder. This pool can also be filled with ice cubes or water to optimize cooking by promoting condensation in the cocotte. Picots on the inside of the lid distribute the droplets produced by evaporation, which fall back onto the preparation and prevent it from drying out. Inga Sempé also used these picots to write Revol, giving character to the upside-down lid.

BOMBANCE is made with a cloudy blue-gray or alabaster white total enamel, which is shiny, smooth and soft, and pleasant to the touch. It’s easier to clean than a rough, unglazed surface that crunches under the passage of cutlery like chalk on a chalkboard. The pleasure of use and maintenance has been further enhanced by this total enameling, reinforced by the natural qualities of Revol porcelain, which is totally non-porous. You may notice some glaze drips on the cocotte, which is normal; it’s a natural “defect”, a sign of the manual enameling process, which is what gives it its charm.

The BOMBANCE collection comes in a total of 3 casserole diameters and 3 casserole dish sizes. This diversity offers to create the most beautiful oven recipes and delight your guests by setting a cheerful table with generous dishes that bring people together!

L'ensemble de la collection Bombance dressée sur une table

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