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With French Journalist and Chef Sonia Ezgulian

In these times where staying home is a matter of life or death, preparing meals for the entire family is not always an east task. Especially when you want to cook with no waste.

Many Chefs are sharing their tips, recipes and secrets so everyone at home can try new things, be creative and feed the family a varied selection of dishes.

Sonia Ezgulian is a French Journalist, a Chef and a cook book author in Lyon, France. She is extremely generous and her passion for sharing and transmitting guides most of her actions.

During the lockdown in France, due to Covid 19, Sonia has decided to share everyday a new recipe with her community. When we asked her why she decided to do so – it represents a tremendous amount of work – she simply responds that transmission means a lot to her!

A moment of truth

Sonia’s grandfather grew vegetables and her grandmother and father also had vegetables that they spent a lot of time growing. When she first used vegetables from her father’s garden in her restaurant in Lyon, she was shocked by the amount of waste that “traditional cooking” implies.

tips and advices to cook no waste


Use everyting from each ingredient, me creative and have fun cooking your left overs differently!

She therefore decided, at times where composting was not part of people’s habits – especially in cities – to use some of the vegetable peelings and foodscraps in her recipes… even if her restaurant was rather sophisticated and refined, she managed to explain her customers why she was doing so.

Change habits

Changing habits it is not something you do overnight. Sonia’s advice is to change progressively and include small changes little by little.

“Start by going to the market, if you can, and by buying organic vegetables” she says. Organic can be a little more expensive, but you will be using almost everything from the product so it’s important the vegetable is not chemically treated.

A few tips to cook no waste!

Brushing the carrots and using the tops, making pesto with the tops of the carrots or radishes, or making new recipes with left overs are some of the things that are pretty easy to use!

She also explains you can use olive tips and place them in a tea bag to give some flavor to your risotto or broths.

No.W is personnal and simple

About the new collection No.W, Sonia says she loves the simplicity of the line, the fact also that every plate is different and the contrast of textures. Colors are also very nice, she says. Those plates, not only have a very unique look, but they were made from a constraint that the factory had: working with all the industrial wastes and re-use those materials!

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See one of her recipes here: Arancini made with left over risotto.