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Is porcelain good for baking? Let’s go over a few things you must know about baking in porcelain and that can be applied to every dish from Revol’s cookware.

When it comes to baking, many things can help to ensure a successful achievement. It is not only about tossing elements and baking them. Baking is a science. The oven, the ingredients used, the temperature, the time of baking but also the dish used to bake. All these elements can have an influence on the way the food is baked.

The characteristics of porcelain

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic used for many things such as tiles, bathroom floors, sinks but also dinnerware and bakeware. This material is very strong and durable. It’s 100% non porous and it is resistant to chipping and all type of mechanical shocks. A baking dish made of porcelain is also very resistant to thermal shock and can hold high temperatures.

vegetarian lasagna


Lasagna by Elizabeth Karmel – Picture by Todd Coleman

A few tips about baking with porcelain

cor bread belle cuisine baker


Corn bread in Belle Cuisine

Here are a few things you must know about baking with porcelain – or any Revol bakeware:

  • Porcelain baking dishes are microwaveable – read more about it here

  • Baking dishes are naturally non stick – we even dare you to bake a cake without greasing the pan before – this is specially true with the glazed dishes like the white Belle Cuisine. You will also enjoy washing them and you will appreciate how easy it is to clean the dishes after used…

  • Porcelain bakeware can hold very high temperature – up to 572F. Food will cook evenly in the dish. Bake anything like a gratin, casserole or a meat and you will get a nice crispy outside and a moist delicate texture inside.

  • Because porcelain dishes are non porous – they don’t absorb any ingredient, odor or bacteria

  • Using bakeware made of porcelain is also a safer method for cooking: while heating, porcelain will not release any hard chemicals. Because the clay is made uniquely with natural ingredients.

chicken roaster with roasted chicken


Chicken with a bacon blanket by Elizabeth Karmel

Choose the right size

It is important you pick the right size and shape before you try your recipe:

Red Fruit Pie


Pie by Elizabeth Karmel