All around our desert island, the blue ocean extends as far as the eye can see in all its intensity, its surface disturbed only by the lapping of waves created by ingress of sea mists.

With its great narrative force, the random pattern applied by hand is eye catching in itself as well as setting the scene for precise plating.

Style Signature

Our lively, contemporary ceramic plates come with infinite variations. They punctuate the dining table with rhythm and vivacity worn by a subtle and orchestrated decoration.

A centrepiece for elegant receptions, the large coupe plate showcases the ceramics skills of our factory dating back more than 250 years.

Ocean Vibes

  • The rim has had the glaze removed by hand to let the black clay show through
  • The enamel decoration is done by hand before firing, making it unique
  • The firing, at 1,320°C, of the decorative glaze at the same time as the porcelain piece = a fusion of the elements ensuring great longevity
  • Decoration covering the whole of the piece – the top and the underside – giving it a strong visual unity
  • Highlights structured culinary presentations or individual ingredients to stunning visual effect
  • Can be paired elegantly with Cotton, Night blue finishes and Cirrus blue

Night Blue

Like a jewel from the bottom of the ocean, the blue plate reveals its intensity from the way it reflects the light around it.

  • The rim has been finely deglazed by hand to let the black clay show through using the tone-on-tone technique
  • Shiny intense blue glaze covering the whole of the piece, top and underside
  • Elegant blue nuances reflecting the lighting of any setting = ‘living’ colour
  • Colour offered only in 31cm and 16cm plates for presentations
  • Works best on the table with Ocean Vibes and cotton finishes