Inspired by the French art of living, Studio Cé specializes in the scenography of dinners and the production of exceptional events. We met these two women who master the arts of setting a table. We collaborated with them on their latest photo shoot. On Christmas Eve, we asked them some questions that may inspire you.

A duo of female entrepreneurs who knew how to…

Develop a keen sense of design and trends in tableware.


Célia Jourdheuil Aurélie Lapierre

Strong, independent, endowed with a solid network that they have built over their experiences in the field of communication and their meetings with the best experts; designers, craftsmen, michel-in starred chefs… they have become real talent scouts in terms of excellence, know-how and made-to-measure.

Self-proclaimed “table setters”, they focus their activity on the creation, the staging of unique, exceptional universes, vectors of emotions while including an ode to femininity.

True hedonists and epicureans, Célia Jourdheuil and Aurélie Lapierre cherish privileged moments, shared around a beautifully laid table.

What are inspirations of StudioCé for these two tables?

Pure vegetable table

We wanted to make an “eco-responsible” table… to raise awareness in our own way about the preservation of the planet’s resources.

We started with the Revol plates from the No.W collection that were presented to us at the Ambiente show in Frankfurt. We really liked the raw effect, and we supported the approach of wanting to produce as “clean” as possible.

We also sought to limit the carbon footprint by using exclusively local products, and by using uncut plants, in particular cacti and succulents raised in greenhouses near Paris.

From an aesthetic point of view, we wanted to mix vegetal and mineral brutalism with the softness and romanticism provided by the white cotton tablecloth and English embroidery.

Table velvet vintage

arts de la table


@StudioCé Paris

Always in the same approach, we wanted to demonstrate that dinnerware has the right to a second life. And that you could use a vintage platter and divert vintage objects to accessorize your centerpiece.

Plates in an art deco style from the pottery of Badonviller that we unearthed at Emmaüs, immediately seduced us both by their color and their graphics.

They set the tone of the table. We wanted a colored tablecloth, the color of the plates. We wanted to contrast vintage with an element of sleek design, and the REVOL cast-iron effect black plates from the Equinoxe collection were perfect to highlight the plates found at Emmaüs. Just like the Pekoe saucers, as a bread plate, which took up the undulation found on the cotton gauze tablecloth.

We used the sauce boat for the flowers. And we brought a touch of the baroque with candles from Trudon, a master wax maker who produces in Perche.

What are your tips for a successful Christmas Eve table?

A successful New Year’s Eve table for us is a table where we “put more than usual”.

It is a “crowded” and “set” table from the start with plates for each dish, glasses for each wine, cutlery for each dish.

We love chic and elegant tableware and tableware.

The tablecloth is a centerpiece of the Christmas Eve table. For this occasion, it touches the ground on both sides. You can afford a strong print on which tabletop items will reveal themselves.

The flowers will of course be present but discreet in pretty vases, one for each guest.

We like a subdued atmosphere enhanced by thin and tall candlesticks with a real flame.

Obviously, no plastic containers on the table.

How and where do you find inspiration in terms of table decoration and tableware?

Often our scenography starts from an element: plates, a print, a flower, a table top, a material…. We have a crush then we create a universe around which we decline.

We do a lot of observation on trends on fashion, design, life style. We meet craftsmen, creators, designers…. Thus, we mix objects, genres, styles, codes to create unique experiences to handle this art of the ephemeral with audacity, elegance, and refinement.

les expertes en arts de la table


Le duo @StudioCé Paris

Photos by ©Ben Decoin

Staging/Table setter: ©StudioCé Paris