The two brothers steeped in the food culture since childhood

Growing up in a world of food and agriculture, the two DORNER brothers, entrepreneur-pastry chefs from the Jura, took up the chanllenge of creating their own pastry shop in December 2019. The boutique opened in the heart of the 6th district of Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. 

 Located near the Parc de la Tête d’or, their shop offers tempting pastries, viennoiseries and chocolate treats to be enjoyed on the spot (like their famous instant desserts) or to take away.

In December 2019, to the two brothers take over this place which was a chocolate boutique. The location is historically known for having been Lyon’s best chocolate stores. 

 In their shop, you will also find classic French pastries, such as the madeleine, the tropézienne, the Paris-Brest or the famous Lyon praline brioche. 

A place with a culinary history

From their studies to their instant desserts…

After training as a pastry chef, Maxime gained experience in a number of renowned and famousrestaurants.

 In 2012, he joined the restaurant Les Cèdres ** in Grange les Beaumont as a pastry chef. Beeingsimple and humble is the philosophy of Chef Maxime today.

 A few years later, he arrived at La Pyramide ** in Vienne, as a pastry chef. In 2016, he joined the Maison Pic *** in Valence as a demi-chef de parti and he became production manager a year later.

Gauthier, on his end, followed a training course as a cook in the restaurant La Maison Pic ***.

 The desire to get closer to customers led him to work as a barman for two years at the Comptoir de la Bourse in Lyon. In 2016, eager for more adventure and new inspiration, Gauthier packed his bags for Australia. The discovery of this new way of life offered him a completely different vision of gastronomy.

Upon his return, he decided to resume his studies. In 2018, he obtained his management degree in Lyon.

Why Lyon? To give us a delicious experience

After having multiplied their experiences, the two brothers sought to set up their patisserie in a dynamic city not far from their homeland, the Jura. They therefore naturally set their sights on the capital of gastronomy.

Moreover, they chose a district renowned for its quality chocolate makers and pastry shops, the 6th arrondissement, close to the Parc de la Tête d’Or. 

 The two brothers are complementary and they go along very well, it’s easy to tell. When they are not in their Lyon shop, they can be found at trade fairs or at unique dinners. Taste of Paris, Lyon Street Food Festival, Le Tour des Terroirs dinner: they travel all over France to cook, share and meet new people. And when they are not travelling, they invite pastry chef friends to be “in residence” in their shop in order to always offer new delights on the menu.

The two brothers are keen to use quality, seasonal and fresh products for their creations.  

The DORNERs work hand in hand with French and Sicilian farmers in particular. This allows them to use high quality products for the preparation of their creations. 

They have also chosen Revol porcelain – because it is made just a few kilometres away and also because the products meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of the two chefs.

An original feature : instant desserts

The two brothers have an original feature. Every weekend, they prepare instant desserts before the eyes of curious customers. For example, a mille-feuille or a tartelette. A bit like street food, these desserts are eaten on the spot, sometimes with your fingers!

The instant desserts are made in front of the customers and served in pretty Revol plates (like here the Caractère plate) carefully chosen by Maxime and Gauthier.

You can find the two brothers in the shop when visiting France and on their website: