A beach decor can be trendy, refreshing and soothing. No need to overdo it, here are our few essentials for a successful staging.

From color to furniture and accessories, here are our 5 essentials for a successful seaside decoration.

We choose our colors

White brings cleanliness, brightness and space! White is mostly preferred for the walls and some of the furniture. We obviously integrate tones of blue on accessories, furniture, kitchen sections or even on the floor. Finally, we think of grays which can bring a touch of contrast, depth, and intensity!

We made our choice at Resources – which is a French company creating paints.

We start with natural materials

For a successful, warm, and personalized decoration, let yourself be inspired by natural materials. First of all, the wood, reworked or weathered. Wood, in natural color or painted, brings warmth and comfort. Thus, it can be found in furniture – driftwood for example – at floor level and accessories.

Secondly for the decoration, we do not forget the wicker, the rattan and the rope. We choose baskets, rope furniture or mirrors or other accessories that can decorate the walls.

In the kitchen, we dare to use braided rope chairs. In the living room, we start on a rope carpet. And in the bedroom and the bathroom, we add wicker baskets.

Selected lighting

Lamps can bring a very marine touch. Indeed, we think of openwork suspensions but also of lamps that integrate shells, ropes, and other marine objects. On the other hand, we add lanterns or small garlands for a seaside sequin effect! We choose a soft and warm lighting system.

Chosen accessories

Accessories wise: we have fun!

A rocking chair, a hammock, a decorated surfboard or even straw hats… think of everything to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget about seashells, fish patterns and anything else that might take you on a trip to the ocean.

Finally, we integrate sailors and stripes on a cushion, a carpet or a curtain!

Ocean like tableware

For the dishes, we have our little idea!

We present to you the Equinoxe collection. Available in several finishes, it will be easy to create an ocean effect.

We can therefore go for cirrus blue, cotton white, midnight blue or Ocean Vibes blue.

Entirely made of black porcelain paste, this collection is both very elegant and very resistant. Make your mix of colors and sizes for an ocean table. Seaside trip guaranteed! You will feel on vacation all year round.