We’ve all been spending more time at home than usual, including remote working. And this has reinforced the sense that decor can make us feel better in our homes.
After successive periods of restrictions and lockdowns, our need for the great outdoors is greater than ever before. This includes bringing a bit of nature into the home in order to reconnect us with the outside world.

Jungle Spirit

Our evident need for nature has been confirmed by the growing appetite for plants in our homes. Ferns, monstera, begonias and banana palms are positively invading our interiors… It doesn’t really matter which, as long as there are enough of them to evoke a tropical forest.

Source : Pinterest

PaperMint, Fresque Amazonia

If you don’t have green fingers, one alternative is to paper a wall with a pattern of lush vegetation to resemble a window open onto the outside world.


The new Equinoxe Collector’s Edition plate collection is a true ode to nature. These plates are made of mass-coloured black porcelain – a natural and hygienic material. They are available in three finishes: bronze, cotton-white and rainforest-green, in sizes ranging from 16 to 31cm.



Rain Forest

White Cotton

The health crisis has also sharpened our appetite for durable products created by skilled craftspeople.

Conceived and produced in their entirety in our Drôme factory, these plates bear witness to French ceramics skills going back 250 years. While certain stages of production are automated, the Rainforest plates and their finishes are carried out fully by hand. This means placing drops of enamel on the surface one by one. The plate then goes into the oven; while it is firing, the colours are revealed in all their nuances. Each plate is thus unique!

Les incontournables

A coupe plate that sets off the boldest of platings.
The deep, flat-bottomed 27cm coupe bowl brings originality to the simplest and the most ambitious of platings alike.
Serving Plate

Make a splash with this 31cm plate decorated by hand. A masterpiece.

Photos : ©Aude Lemaitre