How can you design a buffet that’s practical and attractive, and meets a wide range of needs?
Large and extra-large formats,
cups and trays, generous gastronomic items and induction casserole dishes, new forms and finishes, textures and complementary accessories to showcase the creativity of your buffet displays and express yourself through them.


Transparent products showcase the freshness of raw ingredients and the quality of all culinary endeavours, awakening the appetite from the first glance.
Revol’s pieces allow for light, visually graphic buffet set-ups and a subtle creativity that brings the finishing touch to your dishes.


Raw and authentic, our collections make their present felt without playing a wrong note. Nature holds centre stage. A source of inspiration and richness to be preserved, it invites us to a more responsible form
of consumption, respecting products and seasons.


Confirming its expertise in colour, Revol foregrounds a range of strong blues in Revolution 2 collection’s, spices colors with Caractère that put one in mind of journeys. 

Urban chic

Always ahead of trends, Revol has designed modern buffets that play on shapes, height, materials and colours. The elements speak to one another… Black and white, matte and shiny, transparent and with metallic reflections. Infinite associations bring a unique character to your buffets.