Are you looking to bake a tasty breakfast? Have you tried Adjurali Khachapuri? It is a fluffy pie baked inside the oven with popular Georgian cheeses such as Imeruli and Sulguni. Commonly served at breakfast it features molten cheese and egg in a fluffy crust. Here, we offer insight into the history of this special dish and giving tips for baking breakfast bread with cheese.

Adjurali Khachapuri is perhaps one of the most popular and well-known Georgian dishes. It is the type of breakfast food easy to crave on a weekend morning. Its origin is disputed, but most agree Romans brought it when traveling through the Black Sea with recipes resembling a pizza. Since tomatoes weren’t introduced in Europe until the 16th, the main ingredients were cheese and dough.

Why it spun off in Georgia is unknown, however, almost every region of the country has its own variations. Named after the cheese itself, Imeruli is the most popular one. This is also the most simple, with only egg and cheese. However, there are many variations including a range of ingredients such as meat, spinach, and potatoes.

Where does the dish come from?

The culinary history in Georgia is rich and their food culture is a never-ending surprise of interesting delicacies. Cheese, an integral part of the food culture, is served with almost every meal. Georgia has a troublesome history. Despite the Ottoman Empire rule, to the tight grip of the Soviet Union, their gourmet food has survived.

Second runner up, after France of course, the little Caucasian nation offers a unique diversity of cheese that is hard to find elsewhere. Georgia has a long tradition of artisanal cheese making. However, during the Soviet Union, independent artisans declined. Seen as the bourgeoisie, the politics around food production was centered around feeding the masses. The two most popular kinds of cheese Imeruli and Sulguni became industry produced and many of the unique cheeses disappeared from the market.

After the fall of Soviet, however, small artisan cheese makes have re-discovered the traditional practices. They’ve reappeared throughout the country and inspired a revival of the once flourishing cheese culture of Georgia.

So how can you bring a little bit of this Georgian piece of heavenly molten cheese and bread into your kitchen? Like with any other cooking endeavor, perfecting a dish is more of a meditation. When baking this breakfast bread with cheese it is important to have to be present and to use the right baking tools.

How to make it?

Using a baking plate will help you perfect this unique dish. Why? Just like with a Pizza stone, a baking tray can help dispenses the heart and absorb moisture away from the dough, allowing it to obtain the ultimate crispiness. The combination of the cheese, the egg, and the crispy bread don’t fail to satisfy.

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