Rumor has it that eating oysters during the months without the letter “R” is a big no-no. Some people might say to never indulgence in these delicacies when the sun sets late and the nights are warm. We disagree. Despite the popular myth, raw oysters are a perfect touch to breezy summer nights by the ocean. Besides, they make a beautiful addition to the table of a sunset dinner. Here we will debunk the popular myth guide you on choosing the best Oyster Plates for the summer season.

Why not oysters in the summer?

The myth doesn’t come without any sound justification. It stems from a time where there weren’t strict food safety regulations and when the creatures were predominantly fished from the wild. The concern has to do with the bacteria Vibrio which is associated with undercooked seafood. The bacteria can typically found in saltwater and known to occur in warm climates. It tends to flourish in water temperatures above 68F and can lead to shellfish poisoning.

Eating oysters from the Gulf is risky as the water temperature often reaches high water temperatures. However, water temperatures around more northern regions such as New England and around the northern Pacific West Coast rarely reach those temperatures, even in the summer. As such, oysters harvested in this region are safe to consume year-round.

It should also be noted that many of the oysters that we eat in restaurants or homes come from oyster farms in cool waters, as opposed to wild fishing. There are also stricter food safety practices. As such, the industry generally tends to handle them with great care and proper refrigeration.

Another reason why eating oysters can be a concern is that the summer months mean spawning seasons. When oysters were harvested predominantly in the wild, the summer fishing season was closed for the animal to spawn. Commonly, oysters that spawn are softer and not the right texture for eating. Now, on the other hand, they are farmed in areas where they don’t spawn and some types of oysters are bred to never reproduce.

This is great news for all oyster lovers! If you want to create a plating using interesting products, we have some tips for the best plating options.

The classic – French Classics Oyster Plate

Inspired by the work of French chefs, the French Classic collection is our elegant and most sophisticated collection. Aesthetically pleasing, the range is available in a variety of finishes, and of course in classic white porcelain, as is the case for the Oyster plate.  Moreover, the collection is versatile and polished. Made of high-grade porcelain it is meant to last for many years.

The French Classics collection features:

  • High performing porcelain, the classics are sturdy, resistant to thermal and mechanical shock
  • The entire collection is completely oven safe and microwave safe and possible to line for baking (oven up to 572 degrees) and serving purposes
  • The porcelain is 100% hygienic and extremely easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Also freezer safe, chill the dish prior to plating the oysters!

For poetic presentation – Equinox Oval Plate

Equinox is part of our best-selling collection. Inspired by the change in seasons and when the day and night are equally long, as a reminder of the planets that are surrounding us. Imagine a blend of poetic enchantment, soft and subtle. It is culinary porcelain dyed in black, and part of the enamel removed by hand to reveal the contour. The fine black line elevates the colors. Another option, for oyster plates in the summer season. The oval shape is a beautiful unique platter that will make the oysters you present look beautiful! Equinox is deep in colors, textures, and lights. Each piece is unique, and the shape and colors may vary.

The Equinox collection features:

  • Available in 4 colors: Pepper (matte and satiny grey finish); Cumulus White (shiny glossy white finish), Cast iron style (unique and modern textured black) and Cirrus blue (deep and glossy variations of blue).
  • Just like the French classics, the collection is oven, microwave, freezer safe and dishwasher safe.
  • They do not scratch and are resistant to mechanical shocks.

The range includes dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, and mugs. Also available in large serving dishes (bowls and platters) as well as a dim sum set

For a contemporary look – Caractere Oval Plate

Created by French designers Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, he aspires to tell a story with the creations that he has formatted. He decided to take inspiration from the uniqueness and daily life of the Revol Drôme workshop to give birth to ‘‘Caractère’’.

Each plate is an artisan and unique with irregular shapes and thicker and thinner lines. The large oval plate is displayed as a beautiful serving piece from the Caractere collection. Made of black clay and glazed in a deep white, bring an organic look to the dining table. Also available in a smaller size.

The Caractere collection features:

  • Every shape is organic and imperfect adding an earthy cozy look to your table
  • Dinner plates have different height of edges and with a foot
  • Plates are stackable and the unglazed rim makes them very resistant to shocks
  • Dishwasher safe, oven safe, microwave safe
  • Warm colors that will stay vivid use after use – available in white, turmeric, mint, cardamom, cinnamon, tonka and nutmeg

You can read more about the inspiration of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance by reading his interview HERE

These are our top picks for choosing the best oyster plates for the summer season. Enjoy!