The Art of plating a dish has become more and more important in recent years. The best Chefs in the world no longer seek to offer a tasteful journey but also a beautiful visual experience. This Art has now reached private individuals. Maria Nguyen, the founder of The Art Of Plating reminds us, “You eat with your eyes”. So if you’re wondering, “How do you plate your dishes?” Revol is pleased to share some tips with to plate like a professional! We are going to show you why the Caractere Collection and especially our white dining plate is the best Collection to make beautiful presentations!

Dish plated by a professional with the Caractere Collection


Dish plated by a professional with the Caractere Collection

Easy tips to plate like a Chef!

Here is a list of tips that will help you make the difference in your culinary presentations! If you want to know how to plate like a professional, the answer is below!

  • If you want to have a nice presentation of your products, you need to consider the choice of your plate with your table. It is important to create a harmony between the plates and the color of your tablecloth.

  • The detail that makes the difference is to add accent pieces on your table or directly on the plate itself.  A container for sauce is a good idea!

  • We advice you to use a plate of the same color. Prints on your plate will tend to crush your ingredients. The easiest color to use is white. However, using plain colors can be an ideal solution depending on the food chosen. Desserts are always welcomed on a colorful plate.

  • We suggest you to take into account the size of the plate. If you want to  plate like a professional, the dish presented should be proportional with the size of the plate.

  • In order to present your food in the most elegant way, we advise you to create small portions. Too large a portion will overwhelm your plate

  • To deal with the contrast between symmetry and asymmetry is the best way to have beautiful result.

  • Use spices! The Caractere Collection comes in a range of warm colors, also inspired from the color of spices. Spices will definitely give style to your dish!

Iconic Caractere plates with spices


The Caractere plates in different colors with spices

Why is the Caractere plate the best dish to plate in?

The Caractere Collection has became one of our iconic range . You will be seduced by the design of the products and its ease of use.

  • Chefs from all over the world have trusted Revol and have chosen the Caractere collection to present their most beautiful dish.

  • Porcelain is an exceptional material with many qualities. If you want to heat up your plates before serving, please note that our dishes are oven and microwave safe up to 572°F.

  • Surprise your guests with unique plate shapes. The Collection Caractere also consists of oval plates, perfect for meat pieces for example. In addition, there is also the ring center piece and the podium which is ideal for presenting aperitifs.

  • Our customers usually like our coffee cups, though they love them as a container for sauces.

Yummy dish plated in a Revol plate and cup


Yummy dish plated in a Revol plate and cup

  • We offer different sizes and especially the largest size of Ø11.75 which is perfect if you like to plate on large surfaces.

  • Collection was made by the French designer Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance. It has been expressly designed to offer a real visual experience… it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

  • With more than 7 sizes of plates, Revol offer all plate sizes for all needs!

  • The white dining plate is perfect for a dinner but it is also often use to plate appetizer.

Appetizers plated in a Revol white center piece from the Caractere Collection


Appetizers plated in a Revol white center piece from the Caractere Collection

The Caractere Collection: Our new range that will please you

  • We introduced this Caractere Collection to celebrate REVOL’s 250th birthday.

  • Made of the collaboration between the famous French architect and designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance (who has collaborated with luxurious international famous brands such as Tacchini, Hermes, Ligne Roset, Longchamp, Air France Lounge among others) and the expert hands of REVOL, this collection of colorful porcelain dinner plates with high ends combines combines Art and the technical know how.

  • Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance tell us more about his collaboration with a porcelain manufacturer (Article available here).

  • The designer explains ‘‘The charcoal line is the beginning. With it is born a natural roughness giving objects their narrative strength and their depth.’’ The poetry of this Collection will inspire to plate like a professional.

  • Every piece is made of black porcelain and available in white and most shapes are also available in 6 different shades named after spices – Mint, Tonka, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Cardamom. Meant to be mixed and matched, they will bring a casual look to your dinning table.

  • Their professional grade makes them suitable for an every day use. The slight rim is perfect to hold sauces and juices and it will contrast with the wide and flat usable surface.

  • The enamel free rim is resistant to chipping and it brings additional style to this unique collection. All the plates are stackable thanks to their straight edges.

  • The perfect regularity on the outer-rim and the irregularities on the inner rim are meant to keep visible our craftsmanship and know-how.

  • We offer plates that have different heights. This feature will create a balance and a rhythm on your table.

Caractere Collection Mint and Cardamom


Dish plated in a mint and Cardamom Caractere Collection.