sweet potatoe gratin in REVOL belle cuisine

This delicious Vegetarian recipe of a sweet potatoes and spinach Gratin is offered by Karine Gaulier > check her instagram here.

A very simple dish full of flavors and yumminess! For sweet potatoes and spinach Gratin with mozzarella and spinach pesto, you just have to make a puree with a big sweet potato and some potatoes. Use what you have!
Firstly, prepare a bed of melting leeks underneath, then add a layer of the mashed potatoes on top. Finish by displaying the creamy mozarella on top crumbled in small pieces. To finalize your recipe, once it’s garnished, place your gratin in the oven for 20min at 180 degrees (356F).
To make the pistou: mix a nice handful of spinach, olive oil and the juice of a lemon. Finally, mix everything in the blender and then generously cover the gratin when it comes out of the oven!

Recipe in French

Un plat tout simple plein de saveurs et de gourmandises! Pour ce gratin de patates douces à la mozzarella et pistou d’épinards il vous suffit de réaliser une purée avec une grosse patate douce et une pomme de terre.
Un lit de poireaux fondant en dessous, la purée en couches par dessus et on émiette une mozzarella bien crémeuse pour finir et hop à gratiner au four pendant 20min à 180 degrés.
Pour réaliser le pistou: une belle poignée d’épinards, de l’huile d’olive et le jus d’un citron. On émulsionne au mixeur et on nappe généreuse le gratin à sa sortie du four!

Karine used the Belle Cuisine dish by REVOL. She is originally from Lyon and she oftens comes to REVOL’s factory sales.

The Belle Cuisine dish comes in black and white. Its handles make it very sturdy and easy to manipulate. The dish is oven an microwave safe. Can also be used in the dishwasher.

sweet potatoe and spinach gratin


Baked in BELLE CUISINE black

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