Summer is finally here! With this beautiful blue sky and shiny sun, who can resist to gathering friends or family around a cookout or for a potluck? This guide will show you how to prepare the perfect cookout so you can impress your friends and spend a wonderful time all together.

Why cookout is THE thing to do during Summer? 

It is not a secret, cookouts are trendy! But why should you organize one of your own?

First, because there is no better thing than inviting your loved ones around a meal. Chatting and laughing while eating, that is the kind of summer we all want to have. It is the occasion to spend a wonderful time and create memories.  Preparing a cookout is also about enjoying the nature around you and the weather. Do it in your garden to reconnect with your environment and enjoy the sun. It will also be easier to prepare a cookout at home since you do not have to carry your food and dinnerware elsewhere. You can create a whole rural setting with decorations, be creative! 

The food essentials for a successful cookout

Now that you are convinced about the cookout, it is time to cook! Here are our food essentials you do not want to forget while you prepare the perfect cookout!

A big salad

Hosting a cookout is the perfect moment to cook fresh and healthy food. It is super-hot outside; you will want to eat a cold meal. Start by creating a big salad. The advantage of salad is that you can mix many of your favorite fruits and vegetables in the same dish! One of our favorite is the French Salade Niçoise from A Cook’s Canvas. Check out the recipe on our blog!

Salade nicoise with tomatoes, beans and potatoes


Salade Niçoise from A Cook’s Canvas

Generous tartines

For all bread lovers, we recommend tartines. They are super easy to make and do not require hours of cooking. Basically, you cut slices of bread, add whatever ingredients inspire you and it is done! For example, you can serve avocado and poached eggs toasts or goat cheese and honey toasts. Tartines are perfect for cookouts since they can be adaptable to the tastes of each one of your guests and you can eat them with fingers.


For your cookout, think also of dips. Among houmous, guacamole or tzatziki, you have hundreds of recipes that you may like. Serve them with various vegetable sticks such as celery, cucumber, or carrot to have a perfect and healthy meal. 

Tasty desserts

We cannot finish the food essentials without a sweet and tasty dessert! Summer is also synonym of great fruits to eat: cherries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, lemons… All these fruits are Summer fruits. Why not make a cake out of it? We highly recommend you the Lemon Cake or Strawberry Dulcey Snack Cake. Fruity and tasty, these desserts are great to share with friends or family.

peice of cake in a plate


Strawberry Dulcey Snack Cake

Prepare your cookout and ENJOY!

You have all the ideas, it is now time to prepare your perfect cookout.

The serving bowls from Revol are ideal to share a big salad with your loved ones. Made of porcelain, they are non-porous and food safe: you will not have to worry about food residues. These serving bowls are multi-usage since they can go in the oven and microwave. You can therefore buy only one bowl for your salads and pastas! On top of that, they keep the meal to temperature, ideal for your salad to remain nice and fresh. You can find serving bowls in many collections such as Caractère.


Salad bowl from the French Classics collection

For your tartines, put them in a plate and top them with a polycarbonate cloche. These transparent cloches keep your food safe from unwelcome flies while still revealing the tasty tartines you made. Made of polycarbonate, the cloches are shatterproof and dishwasher safe! They are available in 3 different sizes to fit above many of your favorite porcelain plates.


Polycarbonate cloches from the Inspired, by Revol collection

To impress until the very last moment, serve your dessert in one of our beautiful bakeware from the Belle Cuisine Collection. They have been conceived with monobloc handles. They ensure you an easy grip and strong resistance. As all our porcelain dishes, they can go from oven to table.


Square dish from the Belle Cuisine collection

Enjoy your cookout and have a wonderful summer!