It is finally happening, our restaurants will be re-opening soon. But one question remains pending: how will we be enjoying a perfect meal at a restaurant while at the same time feeling safe? More importantly: is disposable plastic the hygienic solution during COVID-19? And should restaurants priviledged it?

For everyone concerned by the environment, the answer is pretty clear: disposable plastic is NOT the solution. We have been making incredible efforts to reduce our plastic consumption. It is not the time to make a step backwards.

Porcelain, the 100% non-porous solution

If disposable plastic is not the hygienic solution, you are probably asking yourself, what is then? We are deeply convinced that… porcelain is a good answer!

Porcelain is part of the ceramic family. Unlike earthenware or stoneware, it is 100% non-porous thanks to the fact that manufacturers fire the material at a very high temperature. Moreover, porcelain does not absorb any food or liquid residues making these products food safe and hygienic.

Revol’s porcelain is stepping further by offering products with even lower porosity (0.05% against 0.5% for most culinary porcelains, which is 10 times less !).

A long-lasting and hygienic solution against disposable plastic

We should not forget why we tried to limit our plastic consumption in the first place. Plastic takes many years to decompose itself in the nature and in the oceans. It has a lot of negative impacts on biodiversity and on marine life.

On the contrary, Revol’s product are conceived to last and be used in various situations. Indeed, all our porcelain dishes have a high temperature resistance. Therefore, you can use them in the oven and microwave. Our products can be used for many years.

On top of that, porcelain is environmentally friendly even when disposed. It is made of kaolin, feldspath, clay and silica. These materials are 100% natural !

porcelain plate details


© Philippe Barret

Think eco-friendly, think No.W

You are surely looking to make a difference for our planet, and it is possible even when purchasing dinnerware! Revol has launched the first eco-design collection made by recycled paste and enamel. We are the first ones to re-incorporate waste in OUR manufacturing process.

This collection, No.W (standing for No.Waste) enables Revol to continue its commitment to the earth. No.W also allows us to pursue our objective of consuming less raw materials and water. In 2020, we will use 80 tonnes less of raw materials!

The No.W collection, as well as having a unique design, has the same properties than any other porcelain products from Revol. It is still 100% non-porous even though it is made with recycled paste.

Thus, No.W is THE hygienic and environmentally friendly solution. Available in 3 different colors and different shapes.

No.W collection


© Franck Hamel