Noe Duchaufour Lawrance designing the Caractere Collection

In 2018, Revol partnered with famous French designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrence. The idea was to create a special collection to celebrate REVOL’S 250th anniversary. Caractere collection is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and French heritage. The manufacturer and the designer worked hand in hand for one year to come up with a collection which story carries strong values. Noé Duchaufour Lawrence designs for REVOL and here it is why!

white dinnerware Caractere collection

White stackable dinnerware designed by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

Noé – Tell us about your career

I was born in the south of France in 1974. My father was an artist. I followed his footsteps with an academic training in sculpture from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, followed by a degree in furniture design from the renowned Les Arts Décoratifs.

Noe Duchaufour Lawrance black and white picture

Black and White picture of the designer Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

Today I work across a wide range of disciplines and materials. It’s important for me to have a strong narrative.

I approach design with instinct and sensibility and I worked on a variety of projects in architectures, furniture design, interiors, and limited edition collections.

My collaborations include Ligne Roset, Cinna, Saint Louis, Hermès, Ceccotti collezioni, Bernhardt Design, Sèvres, Mobilier National, Dior, Baccarat, La Chance, Petite Friture, Zanotta, Tacchini, ZaoZuo, Kundalini, Neal Feay, and now REVOL.

My approach to design celebrates the coming together of heritage, materials, industrial design, natural forms and fine craftsmanship.

 Noé Duchaufour Lawrence designs for Revol: How was Caractere born?

First, I picked black ceramic because it was so unique. It is very matte and dense. Second, I was inspired by the circular movement that is everywhere. This  circular movement is present during the process of glazing the pieces, but also when passing the legacy from one person to the other.

I was interested in working this idea of “roundness” but I also wanted to bring something a little different, not perfect, to remind the work of the hand.

Some steps and techniques are handled by machines and others are 100% made by hand. I thought it was interesting to combine both: the technicity and perfection of the round shape and the ancestral steps that are made by hand like the molds that are filled with clay and then emptied by hand. The imperfection is what gives “Caractere” to the pieces by revealing the fragile balance between the living ceramic material and the manufacturing process

Revol Porcelain Day 2

The charcoal line is the beginning. With it is born a natural roughness giving objects their narrative strength and their depth

Caractere is revealed once the plates are glazed. After that, the glazed is then removed by hand from the rims, to create texture and personality.

The first sketches in charcoal, circular features, have determined the contours of this collection made in the Manufacture Revol in Saint-Uze (Drôme).

The employees of the factory, the enthusiasm and the confidence of Olivier Passot (current boss of the company) have contributed a lot to this project.

What you must know about Caractere

Key selling features

Above all, Caractere, is, as you probably understood, a unique, well designed, and well-thought dinnerware collection. The design, the colors and the material make it great for everyday dinnerware. Here is what you must know in a few words:

  • Every shape is organic and imperfect adding an earthy cozy look to your table

  • Dinner plates have different height of edges and they all have a foot. So when you place a plate in the table, it creates an impression of “elevation”

  • Further, the plates are stackable and the unglazed rim makes them very resistant to physical shocks

  • Above all, this Collection is Dishwasher safe, oven safe, microwave safe

  • Warm glazes that will stay vivid use after use – available in white but also in 6 earthy colors named after spices: turmeric, mint, cardamom, cinnamon, tonka and nutmeg

  • Caractere includes round dinner plates (from bread & butter size to charger size). In the same vein, Caractere offers oval plates, tumblers and saucers as well as some large presentation pieces in white.

Caractere Collection with spices

4 plates nutmeg cardamom cinnamon plates with spices

A design oriented dinnerware

Through this partnership, REVOL brings to the table a great, resistant collection for professionals and end customers but not only.

Caractere is also a collection that tells a story: The story of heritage, legacy, beauty of craftsmanship and hard work.

As a result you should bring Caractere pieces into your dining room and impress your friends and family!