Basalt Pizza Stone

Homemade pizza is delicious. You have tried to craft one at home, but to your disappointment, you haven’t been able to re-create the right crispness to the crust with evenly cooked toppings – just like from your favorite pizzeria. So, how can you create a pizza that tastes like it just came out of a pizza oven?  How to choose the perfect pizza stone?

The best pizza stone to use Revol Basalt


Use the Basalt Pizza Stone to Make the Best Pizza

What is a pizza stone? How to choose the perfect pizza stone?

Cooking a flavorful pizza is possible with a good quality pizza stone. Most commonly, pizza stones are created from a flat piece of stone made from natural material. Natural materials are excellent for conducting heat evenly distributing the heat and to remove moisture. How to choose the perfect pizza stone?

When baking a pizza on a regular metal pan or baking sheet, it simply won’t allow for the heat to evenly distribute. Ceramic material eliminates this problem because it holds temperature more steadily as it cooks.

One of the main difficulties to a home cooked pizza is attaining
a refined crust. A pizza stone will help perfect any recipe, and allow you to achieve
a superior thin and crispy crust with evenly cooked toppings.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing
the right stone for you, and the main point is that it should cater to your
needs and preferences. Our favorite pizza stone is the REVOL Basalt Ceramic
Pizza Stone.

Revol Basalt Ceramic Pizza Stone : the best

The Revol Basalt Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is made from black clay and is 100% natural. It is created to intimate slate but without the inconvenient properties of slate. The BASALT collection is celebrating its tenth year and has been the bestselling collection at Revol for many years. It is used by professional chefs and restaurants worldwide, and we love baking with this stone for many reasons.

Durable porcelain in the Basalt collection


Basalt Pizza Stone Round

How to choose the perfect pizza stone? One of our favorite qualities to look at in this ceramic stone is that, while the stone is designed to intimate slate, it doesn’t have the inconvenient properties of slate. Slate is porous, meaning it absorbs fats and liquids, and even bacteria! In contrast, our black ceramic clay is non-porous, so it doesn’t retain any fats or oils, making it 100% hygienic and food safe. It won’t scratch, and will not ship like slate will. While the stone is unglazed, it doesn’t absorb any moisture and is naturally nonstick. It is also hyper-resistant to thermal and mechanical shock.

Our R&D-team has developed a high-quality, resistant clay that can withstand changes in temperature and prevent thermal chock more than any other type of clay. It can withstand various temperatures, and it can even be placed in the microwave! After you’re finished cooking, it is easy to clean the plate in the dishwasher.

One of our favorite qualities about the stone is its versatile
functions, and not only for baking pizza. It can serve as a dinner or
presentation plate. Because of its durability, it can be placed it in the
freezer to retain a cold temperature to use as a sushi or dessert plate.

Features of the Basalt Ceramic Pizza Stone

  • BETTER THAN SLATE: Slate is porous, meaning it absorbs fats and liquids.  Basalt looks like slate but does not have all the inconvenience. It won’t scratch, absorbs neither fat nor odors and will not ship like slate will
  • It is 100% FOOD FRIENDLY; cadmium and lead-free
  • MADE TO LAST: Hyper-resistant to thermal and mechanical shock
  • EASY CARE: dishwasher safe
  • MULTIPLE USE: suitable for all salts, peppers, spices, and herbs
  • Available in TWO COLORS: black and white

How to use the Revol Basalt Ceramic Pizza stone?

Use a pizza stone in freezer to keep food chill


Place the Basalt Pizza Stone in Freezer to Cool Foods

We have discovered some secrets about how to bake and prepare the perfect pizza:

  1. Place a little bit of water evenly on the plate and put it in the oven for a few minutes while the oven is heating up.
  2. Place your dough on the stone and bake for a few minutes.
  3. Take out the pizza stone with the dough from the oven, and add your favorite topping. Place back in the oven until the surface has turned a golden brown.
  4. Check out our favorite pizza dough recipe here SEE THE RECIPE HERE.

Here are a few other tips to think about when embarking on your
next pizza adventure:

  • When you preheat the stone along with the oven,
    the natural material will warm evenly to which conducts the heat and retains it
    for a long time. This is what allows the pizza crust to gain the perfect
    crispiness. After, when you place the pizza on the stone the heat will rise
    evenly to the bottom of the pizza.

  • Handling the pizza stone with care is essential for long-lasting use. Place the Revol Basalt in the oven will preheating it to 390F, while you prepare your pizza. If the clay is exposed to a temperature difference of more than 356F, it is at risk of suffering a thermal chock and crack.

  • Revol Basalt is perfect for use in high
    temperatures and can withstand placed in an oven of up to 572F.

Use Basalt Pizza stone to create beautiful desserts


Create Beautiful Dessert Presentations

What are the other common materials used for pizza stones?

Beyond ceramic pizza stones, two other popular materials that are found in pizza stones are marble and tile. While they can be good options for your next pizza baking endeavor, they simply don’t have the same benefits that the ceramic pizza stone does.