Celebrating fall

Fall look

Who says new season, says new colors, new atmosphere and new decor!

It is not a question of changing EVERYTHING in your kitchen but you can bring little touches that will celebrate fall throughout the months of September, October and November. The days are getting shorter and cooler, the leaves are turning yellow. It is time to celebrate Halloween and then Thanksgiving … It’s also time to restart your oven, bring back the recipes for coblers and cakes. We go out less, we get cozy – for the lucky ones, in front of a fireplace – and we stay home more during weekends.

In the kitchen, to create an fall look, take the opportunity to bring in the new fall colors – oranges, browns and yellows. Start cooking with spices and change de menu. Exit the tomato mozzarella salad, welcome to squash, nuts and soups.

For a successful fall look, we offer you some easy tips, color ideas and tableware to match this magnificent season that is fall.


Simples ideas to elaborate

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to brighten up your kitchen.

We think of course of dried flowers, but also of pumpkins of all kinds which can dry out and become a real decorative object. Do not hesitate to bring back branches of foliage from your garden or to buy eucalyptus from the florist.

Candles and lanterns

While the light changes outdoors, add brightness at home with small touches of light. Do not hesitate to take out the candles – preferably scented, vanilla, cinnamon, wood fire – and add small light.

If you don’t have a fireplace, candles and lanterns of all kinds help bring back a warm and intimate atmosphere for cozy evenings and a nice fall look!

Matching with the dishware

For the occasion, do not hesitate to use dishes with a strong personality, which can serve both dishes with     gb cvf sauce and at the same time homemade desserts. At Revol, we have a fairly unique collection, because it combines design and practicality. Designed by designer Noé-Duchaufour-Lawrence, this collection offers a range of plates and dishes that are oven and microwave safe.

Caractère is a collection that stands out… and its colors are perfectly in the theme.

Each color has the name of a spice and all the colors blend perfectly with each other.

Check out the collection for the cookware and here for tabletop here.

Turn on your oven

It’s time to turn on your oven and get back to coblers, warm dishes and baking.

We offer you here a nice Vegan recipe from The Green Quest in our Character dish> the recipe is available on her account Instagram.

The character range offers several cookware pieces with or without a lid. Available in several sizes – individual or family size – and in several shapes. Caractère dishes are very suitable for fall recipes like this recipe for chicken pie.