Here are our tips to give a jungle look, tropical feeling to your kitchen. Learn how to set a tropical-inspired table with the latest Equinoxe Collector’s plates.

Bring the plants inside

Creating a tropical jungle feel to a kitchen can bring a very relaxing feeling of nature, openness to the outdoors and warmth. It is quite simple to create a tropical atmosphere and you can rely on fairly simple decorating principles

First thing that comes to mind is green of course. The green that comes from plants on the one hand. Plants are often happy in the kitchen because it is often warm and slightly humid. Bring some vegetation to this room where you spend so much time! We can obviously choose “tropical” type of plants such as small palm trees. We suggest Chamaedorea, Syngonium, Musa, Coffea or Strelitzia Augusta, also known as the Bird of Paradise. Finally, do not forget the aromatic herbs, which can only add more green to a room. Get some nice chives, parsley and mint for example.

We dare to go green in the kitchen!

Do not hesitate to paint the walls or kitchen furniture in green to give it some personnality! You can then bring back some green in your decoration: on the furniture, with a wallpaper, but also with small accessories and of course with your dishes! Therfore, several variations of green are possible. Do not be afraid to mix with warm brown colors, or even beige. And of course, don’t forget to use white, which will make colors pop out and will bring in light.

Lastly, think about natural textures that can bring warmth like wood, rope or burlap.

English green is a timeless color. It will bring great refinement to your interior.

Mint green, is very punchy, goes perfectly with black and white graphic elements.

The sage green, a soft color, can be affixed at any length like a splashback to create an optical illusion.

We go for patterns to create the jungle look

Palm Jungle Cole and Son

The jungle look can obviously be obtained by choosing daring patterns. Get large green leaves, palm trees, banana trees, parrots. The key is knowing how to blance the use of patterns so you won’t saturate a room. Bring a balance between all the elements.

Thus, between wallpapers, accessories, furniture and tableware, you can create a very personal environment and at the same time, very open to the outside world.

Rain Forest presentation plate

Setting the table

Tableware is key to having a successful jungle look.

Revol offers a new collection –Equinoxe Collector with colors that will create this nice jungle look.

Thanks to the choice of different colors, you can do more or less patterns. And you can also create something more or less tropical. Mix between finishes like the White Coton colored plates (a very matte white), the Bronze color (for a beetle effect finish), and the Rain Forest finish with green droplets on a white plate.

Note that the plates from this collection are made of black ceramic clay. Also, they are fired at high temperature. The plates are therefore designed, like all Revol parts, to be oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Mix & Match for a personal table !