Setting a table is never easy. We suggest 3 articles around the table at Revol. Episode 1: the unique table.

The table is a vast subject. For many years, Revol’s offer was almost exclusively for culinary preparations. Then, gradually, Revol not only offered  collections of plates but established itself as one of the key players in tableware.

Dynamic colors, textures and enamels with a narrative force: Revol tableware brings together diversity and luxury in bespoke and timeless table settings. The precision of its products highlights the professional skills involved and allows Chefs to create a characterful table setting that reflects their own personality. This makes for a dreamy, unforgettable dining experience.

The singularity of the texture

At the beginning there is the porcelain paste. White or dyed in the mass, it is shaped according to very precise molds and designs. The design is either done in-house or by designers such as Noé Duchaufour Lawrence or Lucas Frank.

Depending on the shape of the piece, its raw materials are revealed during firing and reveal exceptional finishes. Then, depending on whether it is glazed or not, each piece has its own uniqueness and texture.

Our technical expertise and our close links with design give rise to exclusive collections that sublimate culinary creations. Black smooth, dark metal and gold…

Each texture is unique. It gives relief, stimulates movement and awakens the senses.


Collection Equinoxe Collector’s Edition

The singularity of shapes

Inperfectly round, or on the contrary very regular, oval, rectangular, mathematical, industrial or rustic… all styles are possible and doable. The interest is obviously to mix, to create contrast and to dare to think outside the box.

After the texture, the shape influences the way in which we apprehend the table setting.

When a plate expresses a strong personality, a whole universe can express itself. Whether you are a professional or an occasional cook, find the plate that expresses your uniqueness.

Collection Caractère

Collection Caractère

Collection Basalt