Crumpled coffee cups

Almost 450 million cups of coffee are consumed everyday in the United States including espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees! The question is what is the best coffee cup? Years after years, REVOL has developed a large range of coffee cups and accessories. But our favorite for its design and uniqueness is the crumpled cup thanks to its smart design and its porcelain composition.

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What is the best coffee cup? Check out our crumpled cups

How to recognize a good coffee cup?

  • One major purpose of a coffee cup is to keep the coffee warm. Hence, it is important to keep attention to the material used. In our case here, porcelain will keep the heat for a while with a low thermal inertia. Either on a hot or cold, the cup maintains the temperature of your dish. Porcelain is certainly one of the best coffee cups to keep coffee hot.

  • People are often asking “Can you microwave coffee cups?” The best coffee cup must deal with the oven, the microwave, the dishwasher and the freezer without any risks. It is difficult to find materials which can fit to these different environments. Fortunately, porcelain is often use in cooking and it is ideal for keeping fresh food as well. The white crumpled cup is a microwavable coffee cup and can be easily placed in an oven, dishwasher or a freezer!

  • Even if they are just washed, some materials like inox keep smelling especially when it is hot. The best way to savor his coffee is to use a porcelain cup which is 100% odorless.

Therefore, once you know this information, it will be easier to find the right cup of coffee!

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What is the best coffee cup? – Espresso crumpled cup

Why is the crumpled cup the best coffee cup?

The crumpled cup is an iconic product of the REVOL range. Launched 10 years ago, this cup of coffee still sees huge success because of its timeless design and high porcelain quality.

•    The REVOL crumpled cup is environmentally friendly. REVOL is aware of sustainability and wants to reduce its ecological footprint. The brand has launched a new recycle crumbled cup. This innovative cup is made from a naturally grey paste obtained by a process unique in the world for the reprocessing of mineral matter. This cup wants to be committed to the environment and respectful of everyone’s health.

• Your will definitely use your crumpled cups for more than a coffee! You can either use it as a glass of water or as a baking pan, appetizer. Your limit is your creativity! Good to know: porcelain is a non-porous material. After cooking, you will be able to pile up your crumpled cups easily!

•   Our crumpled cups have safe values! Lots of customers who already ordered REVOL crumpled cups recommend them online! Customers highlight the diversity of colors, the original design and assure that comments from your guests will be inevitable anymore! this REVOL cup leaves nobody indifferent!

Crumpled Coffee cup: a smart design cup

  • The crumpled cup has a convenient design. This is a crumpled cup which offers a very comfortable handling. Your fingers will fit perfectly to the cup

  • The crumpled cup comes in different colors and sizes. Some people are more espresso than cappuccino or café latte. REVOL offers a variety of crumpled cups in several sizes for everyone needs! The crumpled cup starts from 1 ¾ and goes up to 11 ¾ oz. The crumpled cups are available in different colors: white, satin black, pepper red, navy blue, lime green, peach, blueberry and more.

  • The REVOL crumpled cup will last a lifetime. Like other REVOL porcelain products, the crumpled cup is 100% Made in France. The high quality of the materials used and mixed with our know-how allows us to offer an excellent quality porcelain

What is the best coffee cup? espresso crumpled cup


What is the best coffee cup? – espresso colorful crumpled cups

The crumple collection

Our crumple cup collection doesn’t need much introduction… they’ve been around for more than 10 years. They are the solid version of a crumpled solo cup. Made of porcelain they are oven and microwavable coffee cups which is great for cakes and puddings! Get them for a unique presentation for ice cream, salads, fries, individual desserts, soup, be creative! They are sturdy and dishwasher safe. Cute, perfect to offer, they are available in many colors and sizes. Inspired by a crumpled plastic coffee cup, REVOL has embellished porcelain in these eye-catching porcelain cups and tumblers.

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What is the best coffee cup? – cups you can used for other things

These whimsical white crumple cups will be a hit at any party. Your guests won’t believe that these fun, handy cups are porcelain until they pick one up! The cup mimics the look of a solo cup, but one that has already been smashed.

If you like the white crumpled cup, you will fall in love with the whole crumpled collection which offers a champagne crumbled ice bucket as well. Secondly, thanks to its porcelain composition, you will get your champagne cold for a while!

Use them to drink coffee, sip tea, or bake and serve birthday cupcakes. These crumpled tumblers can do anything that a ramekin, a tea cup, or a coffee cup can do. The next time you get ready to reach for that plastic cup for your coffee, think about how much waste you are generating each day when you throw it away.

Crumpled cups