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Choosing dinner can be tough. One has to consider the aesthetics – the shape, size and color – while also evaluating the material. How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide

While there is much to consider, you can be at ease because we’ll show you exactly how to choose the perfect dinnerware set for you. Here are some considerations for choosing new dinnerware!

Caractere porcelain white cumulus


How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide caractere 1

Does the brand specialize in dinnerware? How to choose dinnerware?

It’s always better to purchase your new dinnerware from a specialized brand. For instance, if you want to avoid discontinued items and want to buy products from a same collection in the future, there are only a few companies who will keep offering the same collection after many years. Revol is one of them: being a family owned business which has been existed since 1768 in the porcelain field. Revol releases new collection that will stay in the long run. Some collection in Revol’s catalog were released more than 10 years ago. So how to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide.

Does the dinnerware brand offer a variety of colors, shapes and sizes? A new buyer’s guide

Would you want to keep some pieces of your current dinnerware? Check if your upcoming dinnerware is matching with your current in terms of colors and shapes. Good to know, the Caractere Collection offers a variety of products: : from a classic timeless white, up to a dynamic and warm yellow – 7 colors are available.

Do you need to buy a new dinnerware set, or one piece to add to your existing collection?

Would you like to have a set or not? This depends on how many people you will cook for. Sometime a set is a good deal! The Caractere Collection can be either sell by set or not…That’s up to you!

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How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide. Stackable plates

Is the dinnerware microwave-, oven-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe?

A good dinnerware should be enough resistance to deal with the microwave, the oven and the fridge. Like all the REVOL Collections, Caractere is 100% made of porcelain. This material fits for all kind of ovens. It is also appropriate for the microwave because the ingredients heat up and the container does not. Porcelain is ideal for keeping the food fresh in the freezer (up to -4 °F). Above all, this material is dishwasher safe! The exceptional strength of this material gives it great resistance. REVOL offers a durable porcelain dinnerware.

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How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide – deep plates

Is the dinnerware material heavy or light?

When you are using your new dinnerware on a daily basis, your future dinnerware should be light. Although the Revol porcelain is very resistant. In contrast, it is a light material.  Hence, Caractere will be very convenient for a regular use.

  • A width range of products is the essential for a good dinnerware. As a result, the designer created this Caractere Collection through 6 different sizes plates, different height and shapes (round or oval).

  • Take into account the design of your new tableware in order to find a timeless and modern shape. Avoid complex patterns and flashy designs since you might get bored.

White cumulus caractere dinnerware


How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide – white caractere

How to choose your dinnerware and why the Caractere Collection is the best dinnerware?

The Caractere Collection is one of the most resistant range of the REVOL brand. This Collection offers a resistant porcelain and an aerial design though. Invisible to the eye, the delicate lip gives the collection a lightness. So, you will add poetry to your dish.

white dining plates caractere


How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide – white dinner plates

Timeless, convenient and built to last

  • This dinnerware is a homogenous range of timeless, elegant and home-made production. For this REVOL’s 250th anniversary collection, REVOL wanted to offer a unique designed collection.

  • The  is a dinnerware collection which fits into your cupboards. Above all, it is a collection that can be easily stored. These plates could either fit for casual dinner or also other fancier events.

  • With a very thin side, the surface of the plate is very big: None of the plates have a wing. You will plate like a professional thanks to this modern collection!

  • The Caractere collection offers a complete range of products from the plates to the coffee cups. These colors like mint, tonka, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom will highlight your dish.

cake plated in white plate


How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide – cake on a plate

Made with love by French Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence

This collection was designed by the French designer and architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. The collaboration between the famous French architect and designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance (who has collaborated with luxurious international famous brands such as Tacchini, Hermes, Ligne Roset, Longchamp, Air France Lounge among others) and the expert hands of REVOL. This collection of colorful porcelain dinner plates with high ends combines Art and the technical know-how.

The designer explains ‘‘The charcoal line is the beginning. With it is born a natural roughness giving objects their narrative strength and their depth.’’

Although we used a black clay for this Caractere Collection, the items exist also in White and spices shades – Mint, Tonka, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cardamom. Make a mix and match of colors is easy with this collection. It will bring a casual look to your dining table. Their professional grade makes them suitable for an everyday use. Their wide and flat usable surface is contrasted by the slight rim meant to hold sauces and juices. The enamel free rim is resistant to chipping. Therefore it brings additional style to this unique collection. All the plates are stackable thanks to their straight edges. The perfect regularity on the outer-rim and the irregularities on the inner rim are meant to keep visible our craftsmanship and know-how. Note that the plates have different heights. This is to create a balance and rhythm on the table. How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide

french designer Noe Duchaufour


How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide – designer Noe duchaufour