In our current everyday lives, where things must go fast, meals should be practical but also healthy and environmentally conscious. There is a new shape of plate that appears to be very convenient for our new ways of eating: the coup bowl. Half plate, half bowl, the coup bowl appears the be the GO TO option to serve food in an easy, convenient, comfortable way. Why should we eat out of bowls?

Why should we eat out of bowls? Coupe bowl
Solid coup bowl with salad

5 good reasons to eat from a bowl

We can think of many good reasons why we should eat out of bowls, or coup plates, are the best ally in our everyday lives. But here is a summary of 5 best reasons to eat out of a bowl:

  1. In our diet concerns, we want to make sure we include in our plates all type of foods and nutrients we can get: protein, fresh veggies, carbs and fibers. The bowl is an easy, relaxing way of combining all of those ingredients together in an easy and harmonious way.
  2. Salad, soup, pasta are 3 easy dishes to cook everyday. Because they bring comfort, deliciousness and a healthy diet, we tend to include those three type of meals very often. And with one bowl we make make it all easy to serve and easy to eat.
  3. Also, eating LESS meat is a concern more and more people have, for many reasons, including the environment, the health and also concern about animal’s well being. When there is no specific cutting needed (because no meat), bowls are the perfect ally. We enjoy more an more eating with just one fork, bites of veggies and grains with no need to cut anything out of it. Bowls make that job very easy.
  4. Eating of a bowl is easy and comforting: you can eat out of a table, couch, standing in the kitchen, at your desk. It’s not messy and it’s comforting and easy to hold.
  5. World cuisine adapts better in a bowl: Chinese (noodles and rice), Thai (curry and pad thais), Hawaian (poke), Marrocan (couscous and taboulet), Italian (pasta and soups), Mexican (beans and rice), Spanish (paella)… the list is endless. A nice BOWL is the one option to fit all those cuisines.
basalt bowl, Why should we eat out of bowls
Black bowl basalt collection

How to pick the best bowls

When picking your bowls, there are many options, here is what you should be looking at:

  1. Size and shape: what are you going to use your bowl for? If it’s for soup, ramen or salad, make sure it is deep and wide enough. It should be at least 3inch heigh and at least 7 inch tall. If you are looking for a breakfast bowl, for cereal or yogurt, you can go a little smaller. Try bowls around 6inch. While for making soup, the lion head soup bowl is perfect. If you are going for a “full meal” bowl, your choice should be more about coup plates. Many sizes exist, 6 inches up to 10.75 inches. Also, don’t forget the smaller bowls. They can be perfect for side dishes like veggies or salad or just for a snack.
  2. Make sure your bowls are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe. So you can use them as many times as possible. We strongly recommend porcelain > check out our article about stoneware and porcelain.
  3. Mix and match the colors. We love the black bowl from the Basalt collection. It looks like slate but it’s actually porcelain.
Why should we eat out of bowls ? Lion head soup bowl
Lion head soup bowl
Why should we eat out of bowls ? Lyonnaise salad bowl
Salad bowl white porcelain

Why should we eat out of bowls? Because they are so EASY and COMFORTING and because you have pick many different options and styles and re-use them in many different ways!