Combining mineral materials into everyday objects is a tradition spanning thousands of years. Because of its versatile properties, ceramics is common in many places. Dishes and tableware in our kitchens. Tiles in our bathrooms. Decorations in our living rooms. It is no coincidence that ceramics has been a popular material for centuries. It is durable and natural. Recognized as a great material, porcelain stands out in the ceramics family. Here we will discuss how high-grade porcelain is made.

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is a subtype of ceramics. It is divided into three different porcelain types: hard-paste, soft-paste, and bone china. In bakeware, hard-paste is most common. It differs from soft-paste mainly due to the firing temperature. High-temperature firing allows for extreme resistance to thermal and mechanical chocks. This process allows the porcelain to gain certain physical properties. In St Uze the soil is rich in primary substances. Making it the perfect location for the Revol factory.


Periodically, the terms china and porcelain are used interchangeably. However, they are different. Some similar properties are shared. For example, both have extremely low porosities. Revol porcelain mainly consists of silicon dioxide, commonly known as quartz, and aluminum oxide, known as alumina. Both materials are often found in advanced ceramic materials. They have characteristics such as superior strength and high-wear resistance.


Porosity refers to the amount of water a dish can hold. It is expressed in the percentage of its weight. The lower the porosity the more resistant the dish is to absorb liquids. It makes the material hard and dense. Moreover, it becomes equipped to withstand damage and fading. In comparison to lower grade ceramics, it is less prone to staining.


Firstly, materials as crushed into the desired size. Secondly, adding water allows for producing the right consistency. If the clay is rich in iron, it is common to remove this material from the clay. If the body oxide, iron creates a reddish hue. Once the fluids are drained from the mold, the porcelain is glazed. Lastly, the porcelain goes through high-temperature firing. A kiln is a furnace oven that hardens ceramic bodies. 

Why choose
porcelain for cooking?

Ceramic cookware is a great choice if you are looking for something made of natural materials for healthy cooking. Revol high-performing porcelain is 100% food safe and doesn’t release any harmful chemicals or toxins. Moreover, because it is low-porous it doesn’t absorb liquids. In comparison to a cast iron pan, you don’t have to season it. Never worry about rust or scratches like with a cast-iron skillet. Half the weight of a cast iron, you can also place it in the microwave.

In the age of healthy eating, exposure to different cooking methods can change the nutritional makeup of the food. Cooking in high-grade porcelain doesn’t compromise the nutritional value.

Benefits of Revol Revolution Porcelain cocotte

Our REVOLUTION 2 Cocotte is best for induction, stove, oven, and microwave. The lid, made of black porcelain, with a stainless-steel handle allows an easy grip. Revolution is the best ceramic cookware and will last for years. Optimal for serving stews, casseroles, meat, and soups in.

In conclusion, Revolution is the best ceramic cookware you can find in the market. Made of 100% high-grade porcelain, it is the best and safest ceramic nonstick cookware.

Unique properties of REVOLUTION 2 Cocotte:

VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL: the one Dutch oven for everyday use. For every heat source including induction, stovetop, electrical unit, oven and microwave (without the lid).

DURABLE AND RESISTANT: Revolution is very light (half the weight of cast iron) but also resistant. It does not scratch. It does not rust.

SAFE AND FOOD FRIENDLY: the composition is of natural mineral materials. Free of chemicals and heavy metals. It does not absorb grease or odors. Perfect for healthy cooking for you and your family!

EASY CARE: dishwasher safe, naturally non-stick.

A MUST HAVE: perfect for preparing, simmering, baking, and presenting your recipes in a single dish.

LIFE WARRANTY: life- long warranty for normal use